Why Is a Facelift Not Always Enough?

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Many men and women begin to notice loose skin and sagging tissues as they age. For many, a facelift is the go-to plastic surgery procedure for addressing the signs of aging on their faces. 

However, even with its potential for shaving years off, a facelift only targets the lower regions of the face. It is not a procedure that addresses every area of concern.

Young woman smiling with dynamic facial contours

As we age, facial changes happen to many facial structures at varying degrees. You could be experiencing loss of muscle tone and thinning skin, leading to deep nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, and other skin laxity issues like drooping eyelids and sagging jowls. And issues like crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes or drooping eyelids cannot be remedied by a facelift.

For the most amazing facial transformation, you need a more comprehensive approach that treats your face as a whole by taking various concerns into account.

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation for Enhanced Facial Harmony

Diamond Facial Rejuvenation is a comprehensive procedure that targets multiple facial areas at once. By combining several facial surgical (and non-surgical) techniques, Dr. Diamond can ensure that a patient maintains their balanced and harmonious aesthetic, allowing for natural-looking, superior results.

For instance, facelift surgery can be performed in combination with additional Diamond Facial Rejuvenation techniques like a neck lift, brow/forehead lift, chin augmentation (using customized implants), upper and lower blepharoplasty, facial fat grafting, Diamond Facial Contouring (using injectables), and laser resurfacing.

A collection of non-surgical enhancement techniques (including skin therapies like the Diamond InstaFacial®) are commonly performed afterward to improve overall skin health and help maintain results. 

Youthful Facial Contours to Enhance Your Overall Appearance

The main reason for Dr. Diamond’s approach of combining facial enhancement procedures is to maintain balance and harmony between the facial features. You realize that when you isolate the lower face for correction, you risk ending up with untreated areas that only detract from the rejuvenated look of the treated area. 

Further, having unbalanced facial improvements, characterized by a younger-looking mid-face with forehead sagging or other inconsistent results, only go to show that you’ve had cosmetic surgery done.

Ultimately, Dr. Diamond’s approach is often far superior when addressing facial aging. By combining procedures, he helps ensure that you can correct multiple facial concerns for a more seamless and natural facial contour.

Combining Techniques for Optimal Longevity

While Diamond Rejuvenation does an impeccable job of giving balanced and harmonious results that make you look so much younger, it does not stop aging. However, you can enjoy long-lasting results by following your surgeon’s instructions, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and keeping up with a great skincare routine.

Patients find that having non-surgical treatments such as Diamond Skin Therapy after their surgical procedures helps them focus on their skin health as well as what is going on beneath the surface for better, lasting results.

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