When is it time for a breast augmentation revision?

Many breast augmentation patients will need to consider revision at some point in their life even if they are thrilled with the initial outcome. Sometimes, this is simply because the patient desires a different aesthetic appearance such as changing implant size or adding a lift as things continue to settle. Other times, there is an issue with the implants such as rupture or capsular contracture. No matter the reasons or goals, Synergy Plastic Surgery’s board-certified surgeons have completed numerous implant exchanges and revisions over the years. Women seeking revision breast augmentation travel to Austin Texas from across the region because the procedure requires a surgeon with expertise.

When is it time to consider a breast augmentation revision?

Breast implants should generally be replaced every ten years or so, but you may need to get them revised or replaced sooner if you have complications like capsular contracture or if you want to change the size, shape, type of implant (saline or silicones), or want a lift.

This patient above had older saline implants and wanted to exchange to silicone implants and correct the deflation on one side. The doctor spent about an hour with her during her initial breast enhancement consultation. Together they discussed different options for breast augmentation revision and explained the differences between saline and silicone breast implants, and the general plan for revisionary breast surgery. Her surgery took just over an hour, and changes were made to her implant pockets and incisions to make her breasts more even and similar than they were before surgery. She is very happy with the new breast implants and the better breast shape.

Alternatively, if you are not having any problems at ten years, you do not necessarily need to change them out at that time. The ten-year recommendation is a guideline, not an exact time frame.

The following patient had undergone prior breast augmentation but wanted to revise the result and increase the size of her implants. Her shape was not good, and she had a double bubble deformity. It was recommended removing the breast implants, replacing them with larger implants to match her frame, and using circumareolar incision to fix the double bubble deformity. She is now thrilled with her results and wishes she would have had the surgery years ago.

It is mainly important that you know the risk of implants increases every year and understand that implants are not a lifetime device.

Often at ten years, there is a desire to modify a different aspect of the breast, such as get a lift or change the size of the implants, so even if you are not experiencing any problems with the implant itself, it tends to be a good time for the revision.

How soon after surgery can I consider a breast augmentation revision?

How long you wait before having breast implant revision depends on the reason for your revision.

In the case of cosmetic issues, such as problems with the size of your implants, it is wise to wait a minimum of six months before pursuing breast implant revision. Residual swelling takes time to subside, and your implants need time to settle in their final position.

You might end up changing your mind about the cosmetic issue once your results have stabilized. If, after six months or so, you are still not happy with the appearance of your implants, breast implant revision can fix the problem.

In the case of implant complications, the timeline for breast implant revision is different. Problems such as implant leaking, deflation, implants becoming displaced or “bottoming out” — i.e., when an implant falls below the inframammary crease — do not resolve on their own with time. Always talk about these concerns with your plastic surgeon and discuss the timing that will be the most appropriate to ensure a successful outcome.

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