The Quip Toothbrush Completely Changed How I Brush My Teeth

A little over a year ago, I realized it was nearly impossible for me to go on social media without seeing an advertisement for something called the “Quip toothbrush.” Each ad was bright, colorful, and surprisingly aesthetically pleasing for a toothbrush, seemingly directed right at millennials (i.e. me).

The toothbrush offered improved dental health as well as a great experience with the brush that I’d not really thought about prior. After some time, I began to see advertisements so much that I had two choices: either try the product myself or apply the Google Chrome extension to block myself from seeing them. At the end of the day, my curiosity took over me and I did a little more research.

Quip is an electrical toothbrush that is designed to make the process of the process of brushing your teeth more efficient and efficient. What makes this toothbrush stand above the rest of the toothbrushes you can buy from the pharmacy? First of all, Quip brushes are aesthetically stunning they are sleek, feature an uncluttered design, and are available in a range of fashionable color choices (black blue, turquoise, and lots of metallics, if you’re wanting to look fancy). There aren’t any tricks or additional features: they’re simply a simple handle with bristles towards the end.

The other aspect is that Quip was initially a subscription-based service (although it is now possible to purchase these products through Target’s website too). It’s easy to sign up the first time you purchase you will receive a set that includes a toothbrush and a full-size toothpaste as well as a travel-sized toothpaste. If you join the program, you receive a new toothbrush head and toothpaste every 3 months, when the company recommends that you change your toothbrush.

After speaking to an agent regarding this toothbrush, I was given the whole set for myself. Although I had never really thought about my toothbrush prior to this (my teeth are extremely low-maintenance, and this is why I boast about how I’ve never had any cavities) I was looking forward to trying this toothbrush.

After the three-month experience with Quip, I was aware that I was hooked. I was so much so that I decided to sign up for the service and pay for service myself. I’m not complaining about the cost, however. The initial kit is $40. After that, it’s only $10 per refill (each refill comes with the new brush head, battery, and a full-size toothbrush). In the past year of using it, I am able to affirm that this brush has totally changed how you brush your teeth and has improved my brushing experience.

Although the toothbrush might not be the most appealing looking (but truthfully the copper metallic is the most beautiful-looking brush I’ve owned) It does very well. The bristles are extremely soft, and they don’t have a sting or a tingling sensation never. They don’t move with a force that feels like it’s vibrating at a high rate however it can make you feel as if you’re actually washing your teeth.

My favorite feature is the timer that vibrates, which allows you to brush your teeth through four parts each with 30 seconds between each section. The timer has forced me to clean my teeth for 2 minutes every period, and this is the ideal time for better dental health. Prior to using Quip, I used to aim for two minutes, however, in reality, I didn’t do it for that long. I definitely wasn’t moving my mouth in precisely timed segments. Instead, I was brushing far too hard and too quickly. After just a few days of using Quip, I was already feeling like my teeth were cleaner than they’d ever been before.

The subscription service really draws the lazy side of me. Before I joined Quip Sure I was aware that I had to change my toothbrush each couple of months. However, to be truthful, I didn’t keep an accurate record of the time I was using each one for. Most of the time, I’d throw away one and purchase another one once it began to feel awful… and perhaps, if I was on vacation and did not bring a toothbrush and was then forced to buy a brand new one. Through the subscription program, I receive a new brush head every 3 months, which means I don’t need to do any effort. The new brush also comes with a brand new battery, meaning you don’t have to buy them yourself. Replacing the head is easy and quick and the battery also means you won’t need to charge it (which can be a huge advantage for me as a person who is apprehensive about having to keep track of charging everything). It’s a lot simpler.

And there’s one additional thing worth pointing to about Quip. It’s a unique plastic holder that has a base that can be set on the kitchen counter, or on the bathroom wall, the choice is yours. Its lid is made of plastic. The “lid” is perfect for travel. It’s as simple as putting the toothbrush in the case, and it’s safe from the harsh elements in your bag of toiletries.

Finally, I truly am a fan of toothpaste. I’ve always gone through the motions while brushing but with regards to the toothpaste, I was extremely selective about the toothpaste I used. The Quip fluoride toothpaste works fantastic as it is minty but not overwhelming and a tiny amount is enough to make a difference. According to the website, fluoride is “a naturally found mineral which has shown to reduce tooth decay by up to 25% in both adults as well as children.” The toothpaste uses fluoride in place of “misleading ingredients for whitening, harmful chemicals, and harmful additives.” Furthermore, my teeth have never felt so good.