Sunday Golf LOMA Series Golf Bag Review

If you’re a golfer, you’ll know what a Sunday Golf Bag is. If, however, like me, you thought birdies, albatrosses, and eagles were literally just birds and the closest you’ve come to a putting green is when you scored a par 20 on a kid’s crazy golf course, then you’ll have no clue. In this article we’re going to explore what this type of golf bag is and look at a great example of one from the Sunday Golf LOMA range.

What Is A Sunday Golf Bag?

If I was to hazard a guess at what I thought a Sunday bag is, I’d say it was a golf bag that golfers used on a Sunday. And actually, that’s not a bad guess, because traditionally that is how it got its name.

Historically, golfers would use a caddie to carry their clubs around for them on the golf course. But on Sundays, there were less caddies around as they were often at church (not quite sure why the golfers weren’t!) and so the golfers had to carry their own kit around. They fast realised that the bags were very heavy and so it became apparent that there was a need for a much lighter bag; one that was easier to carry, a lot more portable and yet was still able to carry all of the essential golfing items they needed to play and enjoy the game.

And so, the Sunday bag was created. This lightweight golf bag meant golfers never had to miss out on playing a game of golf on a Sunday and it also ensured they could still enjoy the game, despite them having to carry their own bags (the poor loves!).

Things To Consider When Buying A New Golf Bag

These days, the majority of golfers carry their own golf bags, so there is still a need for a good quality lightweight golf bag. Of course, technology has come on in leaps and bounds resulting in new materials being created and extra features invented, which means the new generation of Sunday golf bags have come on in leaps and bounds.

If you’re in the market for a new golf bag, there are some things you should be looking out for:

  • Material – Lightweight and waterproof are your keywords here.
  • Size – You want it to be as small as possible to help keep the weight down, but also large enough to actually be fit for purpose i.e. carry your clubs! Measure your clubs to make sure they’ll fit and also work out how many clubs you want to fit in the bag.
  • Straps – Some bags have one shoulder strap, others may have two straps. Try some on and see what works best for you. Look out for straps with padding for extra comfort.
  • Durability – You want it to last. Check reviews from other golfers.
  • Storage – Less is more, after all the more you store, the heavier the bag becomes. That being said, pockets for a phone, keys etc. are super handy, so check what your requirements are before choosing your bag.
  • Stand – Having an integrated stand on your bag means you can prop it up when you’re playing, allowing you to access your clubs with ease.
  • Appearance – I know you shouldn’t judge on appearances, but hey it wouldn’t harm to look good on the course now, would it, and there are some pretty stylish golf bags out there, as you’ll see in a moment.
  • Price – This completely depends on your budget. Have a look around and see what you get for your money if you buy a more expensive bag.

Now that we know what we’re looking for, I want to show you a great example of a high quality, lightweight and stylish golf bag. The LOMA series of golf bags from Sunday Golf have everything you need in a golf bag, so let’s take a look at them in more detail below.

Key Features Of The Sunday Golf LOMA Series Golf Bag

The Sunday Golf LOMA Series of golf bags are the ideal bag for hobby, pro, and amateur golfers alike. Lightweight, yet sturdy, the bags hold between 6-10 clubs. Which is the perfect number, as the vast majority of golfers tend to only use this amount anyway, despite owning a tonne of different clubs that they claim improves their game. Try carrying around 14 clubs for a couple of hours and I think you’ll soon realise the benefits of sticking to 8 or so of them!

When you’re carrying your bag for a whole 18 holes of golf it’s important not to weigh yourself down with unnecessary items. But obviously you still need to put your essential items somewhere. The Sunday Golf LOMA bags have a decent number of storage compartments to enable you to keep items such as your keys, wallet and phone securely hidden away, while you enjoy your game of golf. The bags have one velour-lined pocket suitable for valuables and there’s also an insulated pocket to keep drinks cold, ideal on a hot day – all that walking and golf playing can be thirsty work!

On top of your clubs and personal belongings, there is also space for golf balls, tees, a small towel and some hand sanitiser. Now, you might well be thinking that adding all this lot to the bag is going to start making it heavy. But here’s the thing, this bag weighs under 2 pounds (1.8lbs to be exact) so don’t you go worrying about there being a weight problem. It’s perfect for transporting your golf kit to the driving range or onto the fairway.

Thinking practically, the bag comes complete with a sturdy, comfortable, full-length strap that means your shoulders are well supported when carrying it between tees. And it also has a Dualflex stand system that allows you to set your bag down anywhere, without risking your clubs falling out, or getting the bag dirty.

The LOMA is available in a whopping 13 different colours: Heather Gray, Cobalt Blue, Matte Black, Midnight Green, Toasted Almond, Black Camo, Seafoam, Flamingo, Olive, Desert Camo, Sandstone, Smoked Salmon, Ron Burgundy. And on top of that, if you’re feeling totally swanky you can even get it personalised, making it a great idea for a gift, or as a means to label it so it doesn’t get lost, or just for plain and simple style points. Your choice of bag can be embroidered over two lines with up to 8 letters per line. I love the classiness of having monogrammed initials put on there, but maybe you have a golfing nickname that could look pretty cool on there too.

What Do We Think Of The Sunday Golf LOMA Bag?

Look, I’m no golfer, but my dad is, and I know how important it is to have the right kit. I also know how expensive golf clubs are and therefore why it is absolutely crucial you look after them well and store them correctly. But having the right golf bag isn’t just about having somewhere to securely store your clubs, it’s also about having one that is comfortable to carry so that it doesn’t make your back and shoulders ache, and one that fits your requirements.

I love that the bags come in such a wide choice of colours. My personal fave is Flamingo, because hello cute, but I also love the humour of Ron Burgundy too, it’s genius! I think it’s great that the colours are tailored to suit all tastes, so if you are say a more conservative golfer, who just wants to crack on with the game, not stand out too much, it’s more a functional accessory for you, then you’ve got the more traditional colours of the gray, black, blue etc. But then you’ve also got the more out there colours, for the golfers who want to make a statement, to make a name for themselves with more than just their game – it’s important for them to turn up to the green looking on point in the style department.

This practical, yet fun product says, “I love golf as much as you do, let’s play golf, have a chat”. You just know that a person with a golf bag like this is totally up for the chats both around the course and in the clubhouse later. They’re approachable, friendly, love golf for both the game and the social elements that it brings.

The LOMA series golf bags are currently available online through the Sunday Golf website for $119.99 (the standard retail price is $134.99) and you also get 10% off of your first order. They offer free returns and the bags come with a lifetime guarantee.