Oral health problems should be paid attention to, this knowledge should be known

Oral problems are very common in life, and many people think that oral problems will not have much impact, so they should not be taken seriously.

But not paying attention to the prevention and treatment of oral problems is likely to lead to many complications, seriously affecting physical and mental health. Only by paying more attention in life, can prevention and control be carried out. Let’s take a look at what oral health issues you need to know about.

  • One.What is oral mucosal disease?

Allergic lips have symptoms such as redness, swelling, blistering, bleeding, burning sensation in the mouth, or symptoms such as rotten corners of the mouth and oral ulcers, which are collectively referred to as oral mucosal diseases. This disease usually occurs in people with high work and life stress, emotional instability, depression, unbalanced diet, digestive tract disease, intestinal imbalance, and low immunity.

It’s important to note that there are two common misconceptions people have about mouth ulcers:

  1. Ulcers will not become malignant. Some people do not take oral ulcers to heart and consider them to be minor diseases. However, for ulcers that exist for a long time without obvious pain, be alert to the possibility of malignant ulcers.
  2. Pain is malignant. In the face of obvious painful oral ulcers, many people worry about the danger of malignant transformation and are very panicked. But under normal circumstances, benign oral ulcers are often painful and can heal on their own, while the pain of malignant oral ulcers is not obvious.
  • Second, how to judge whether the oral cavity is cancerous?

People who smoke for a long time, drink strong alcohol, and chew betel nut are usually at high risk of oral cancer. In daily life, pay attention to oral hygiene and health, and check regularly. If bad teeth are not treated in time, bad teeth are not extracted in time, which may lead to oral cancer over time.
If it is found that the mouth ulcer is large, the pain is small, the duration is long, and it is difficult to heal itself, you should go to the hospital to check whether there is cancer. Oral cancer may also appear as a tumor higher than the oral mucosa, and the tumor may be cauliflower-shaped. At this time, patients should also pay attention to check whether the tumor has lesions in time.

At the same time, patients can also judge some symptoms of precancerous lesions through self-testing. Normal oral mucosa is pink. If the oral mucosa has erythema, leukoplakia, lichen planus, fibrotic changes, chronic discoid lupus erythematosus, submandibular lymph node enlargement, or the oral function cannot be closed normally due to the influence of the tumor, the patient must seek medical attention in time.

Two. oral problems that are easily overlooked

  1. Periodontal disease

Bleeding gums is a trivial matter for many people. But for friends with long-term bleeding gums, if you have been ignoring it, one of your feet has entered the abyss of tooth loss. Oral diseases of bleeding gums are mainly gingivitis and periodontitis. Another major manifestation of periodontal disease is loose teeth. When teeth become loose to a certain extent, it can also lead to tooth loss and fewer and fewer teeth. So if you encounter long-term bleeding gums, don’t take it lightly, and you must ask your doctor in time.

  1. Bad breath

Many people ignore bad breath. Halitosis is divided into physiological halitosis and pathological halitosis. Bad breath when you wake up in the morning is physiological halitosis that lasts for a short time. It usually goes away soon after brushing and rinsing. And due to oral problems, such as dental caries, periodontal disease, wisdom teeth, and other pathological halitosis. In this case, we should consult a dentist in time for examination and treatment as soon as possible. There is also some halitosis, which is related to diseases such as respiratory diseases and ear, nose, and throat diseases, and should be treated from the source.

  1. Bruxism

Grinding your teeth while sleeping, many people think it’s just a bad sleep habit. But in fact, bruxism is also a very common sleep disorder. Psychosocial factors, such as emotional stress, mental stress, etc., as well as occlusal interference, genetic factors, drug factors, etc.

Long-term wear and tear of teeth will shorten the crown of the tooth, causing dentin sensitivity, pulp disease, periapical disease, tooth fracture, and other corresponding diseases. Severe cases may manifest as masticatory muscle pain and temporomandibular joint pain. Therefore, adult patients with long-term grinding should go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause, receive treatment, or have a custom dental pad while sleeping.

  1. Dry mouth

In addition to physiological reasons such as gland atrophy, eating too salty, and drinking too little, many diseases can also cause dry mouth, such as diabetes, anemia, immune diseases, hyperthyroidism, the long-term wearing of dentures, salivary gland damage, etc. Therefore, dry mouth can not be delayed, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible.

  • Fourth, how to prevent oral problems?

Various common oral diseases can be prevented in daily life. As long as you do a good job of oral hygiene, maintain a good lifestyle, eat less irritating and spicy food, add more vitamin C, eat more fruits and vegetables, and improve your immunity, you can reduce the occurrence of oral problems.

In addition, regular oral examinations should be carried out so that timely measures can be taken to identify problems and prevent them from further worsening and ultimately causing impact and injury. Because oral diseases will develop for a long time and induce diseases of surrounding tissues or other organs, it is necessary to do preventive work in life, understand the characteristics of various oral diseases, and timely detect and control them.

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