Know How Liposuction Is Effective For Losing Inches

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The human body is a gift and should be nurtured by everyone. A slim and shapely figure can turn eyes but an unhealthy & fatty appearance can invite many health issues. It is no wonder why many people prefer a fit body. However, after a certain point of time, exercise and food are just not sufficient for cutting down the unnatural & excessive fat gain. This becomes a huge problem with the fast paced lifestyle in metro cities & this is where the best liposuction surgeon in Mumbai comes to the rescue. Liposuction surgery is a good alternative for those who seek weight loss & fresh contours in less amount of time.

When the liposuction surgery is performed by a professional & expert liposuction surgeon, the patient’s body outline becomes much slimmer. The cutting edge treatment is only cosmetic in nature but its effect in losing inches is remarkably efficient. Weight loss regimes which include diets & hard workouts are long term processes, but fat removal is not bad either.

Benefits Of Liposuction

Surgical and non-surgical procedures can reduce weight in important areas. Traditional and innovative techniques are used by the liposuction surgeon. Cosmed Aesthetic Clinic has the best liposuction surgeon in Mumbai who performs liposuction procedures with authorized & modern treatments. He focuses on the complete analysis of extra, unwanted fat and removes them to reshape and tighten the skin. The new and aesthetic look builds the patient’s self-esteem.

Here are some reasons why liposuction is recommended for those who appear fat –

  1. Words like obesity, overweight, and cellulite mean different things. First, the patient is examined closely by the cosmetic surgeon( to determine the exact condition).
  2. Fat deposits in the chin, waist, thighs and buttocks stand out. So do unwanted lipocytes in the stomach, neck, back, and legs.
  3. The fat removal procedure is performed in a localized manner. As a result, liposuction is effective in treating specific, targeted areas.
  4. An excessive amount of stubborn fat causes many problems. Both physical and mental health improve after this surgery.
  5. The fat from these various body areas is hard to shift. So, liposuction surgery can produce better results(as compared to dieting and exercise).
  6. The contours of the face and body can be changed by sculpting. The lumpiness and protrusions subside and a shapely look is achieved.
  7. Mature men and women are excellent candidates for surgery. Those who are within 10 to 12 kg. of their ideal weight respond more positively.
  8. The qualified surgeon performs the operation on fixed spots. As a result, only predetermined amounts of fat are removed for safety.
  9. Liposuction is also known as lipectomy, lipoplasty, or liposculpture.  So, fat cells are physically removed and so patient loses inches.
  10. Fixed amounts of fat are removed in a risk free manner. The removed lipocytes are measured in terms of liters or kilograms.
  11. Patients have lost up to 7 inches around their waist region. However, the doctor determines the number of fat removal sessions or surgeries.
  12. Fat that can be felt by pinching is the main target of surgery. So, areas on or around the buttocks, sides or waist, and back become slimmer.
  13. The saddlebags on the outer thighs can also be removed. Loss of inches is also achieved in hips, upper arms, chin, male breasts, etc.,
  14. Inner thighs and knees can cause a lot of discomfort to patients. These areas are also targeted during liposuction for effective fat reduction.

Cosmed Aesthetic Clinic is the answer to all skin, hair and body appearance-related queries. We offer one of the best cosmetic surgery services in mumbai that are worth what you pay for and do not promote unrealistic assurances. Cosmed Clinic offers an easy and light on pocket payment plan that allows you to make monthly payments instead of paying the whole amount at once. Equipped with high-end solutions and the best liposuction surgeon in mumbai, our patients have been highly satisfied with the results of their respective treatments.

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