Facelifts…For Men? – | Seattle Plastic Surgery

Male Facelifts Growing in PopularityThe stigma around cosmetic surgery is quickly diminishing in recent years, even for men. While it might still be some time before discussions of Botox and facelifts become locker room talk, the fact is that more men than ever are turning to a range of plastic surgery treatments to help them look and feel their best.

What is a Facelift?

A facelift is a cosmetic surgery that helps reverse changes in your face and neck that come with age. A surgeon makes small incisions on either side of the face and then sculpts and tightens the tissues beneath the skin to create smooth, lifted contours.

What Are Facelifts Used For?

Men and women turn to facelifts as a long-term solution to problems like sagging skin, drooping features and visible lines and wrinkles. While injectable fillers and Botox can solve minor cosmetic issues, a facelift is a more permanent and dramatic way to help reverse signs of aging.

Facelifts are most often used to tighten drooping skin, remove excess fat, and improve the face and neck contours. In women, the goal is usually to have soft, smooth and defined features. For men, the goal is typically to give a more chiseled and masculine profile.

Why Are Men Getting Facelifts?

Men are turning to facelifts for several reasons. First, cosmetic surgeries can deliver long-term, natural-looking results. Second, some men believe a more youthful and masculine face is an advantage in the corporate world. This is especially true in the wake of COVID-19, where high-definition video and conference calls are the norm.  The rise of social media too has compelled some men to look their best as they become more visible online.

Even men who are not looking for professional advancement or dates are turning to plastic surgery to achieve their ideal physique.

Who is a Good Candidate for a Male Facelift?

In general, men who meet the following criteria are the best candidates for a facelift:

  • Seeks a long-term refresh without looking “overdone”
  • In good physical health
  • Maintain a relatively stable weight
  • Has realistic expectations about surgery outcomes

Men who have chronic medical conditions or health concerns should tell their plastic surgeon during their consultation.

What Kinds of Results Can Facelifts for Men Achieve?

Male facelifts are often performed to give them a more “rugged” and masculine appearance. This means that the outcome will be very different from the results of a female facelift because the end goals are not the same.

There are many different ways for plastic surgeons to perform a facelift. For men, the problem areas tend to be drooping jowls, sagging neck skin and deep wrinkles in the cheeks or forehead. Male facelifts target these areas to lift and tighten the tissues for a more defined, chiseled appearance.

How Long Do the Results Last?

Unlike facial fillers or Botox, a facelift is a long-term solution to helping reverse visible signs of aging like sagging skin. For most people, facelifts can be expected to last for about a decade.

How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon for a Male Facelift

Any surgeons that make the shortlist of potential candidates should be board-certified and have experience with male facelifts. This ensures the highest-quality care and the best surgical outcomes.

Men’s skin and tissues are often thicker and stronger than women’s. Male aesthetic goals are also different, so it’s important to look for before and after pictures to ensure that your chosen surgeon can deliver the results you’re after.