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What Are Natural-Looking Nose Jobs?

Natural-looking nose jobs ensure the nose complements the cheeks, chin, and other facial features. At the same time, these rhinoplasty surgeries enable patients to maintain a nose that functions as expected.

The most natural-looking nose jobs result in no signs of nose alterations, too. As such, patients have a symmetrical and harmonious facial appearance after their surgery. They can reap the benefits of treatment in the months and years after their procedure as well.

For those who are considering ways to improve the appearance of the nose, a rhinoplasty can be beneficial. To understand how a rhinoplasty can help a patient achieve a natural-looking nose, let’s look at this treatment in detail.

What Is Rhinoplasty Surgery?

A rhinoplasty, aka a “nose job,” enables patients to reshape the nose to improve its overall appearance. It also helps patients fix problems that cause breathing issues and restore the nasal function.

Natural-looking nose jobs must be tailored to patients. Every nose is different; regardless, the nose represents the focal point of the face. To achieve a harmonious facial appearance, an individual can undergo a rhinoplasty to alter the nose. The surgery can be used to address a variety of issues that otherwise contribute to an asymmetrical facial appearance, such as:

    • Bulbous nasal tip
    • Nasal bridge that is too wide or too narrow
    • Flaring or wide nostrils

Dr. Babak Azizzadeh of the CENTER for Advanced Facial Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills strives to provide each rhinoplasty patient with a natural-looking nose. As a board-certified surgeon with expertise in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), Dr. Azizzadeh helps each rhinoplasty patient achieve a natural outcome.

For Dr. Azizzadeh, a natural-looking nose takes into account a patient’s anatomy, ethnicity, gender, height and other factors that go into creating a nose that perfectly fits the face. Dr. Azizzadeh believes there is no such thing as just one “perfect” nose, but there is a perfect nose for each person. So, he examines a patient’s bone structure, chin, lips and other facial features to help create a nose that matches the face.

Achieve a Natural-Looking Nose with Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery can be beneficial for individuals who want to enhance facial symmetry. To determine if this surgery can be used to obtain a natural-looking nose, here are key questions to consider.

1. Is Rhinoplasty Surgery Safe?

Natural-looking nose jobs can be performed on teenagers. For teen girls, the procedure can be performed as early as 15 years old. And for teen boys, the treatment can be administered as early as age 16.

Patients young and old must receive a medical evaluation before a rhinoplasty is performed. The evaluation ensures a patient is well-equipped to undergo a nose job without compromising their safety.

There are risks associated with a nose job. These include:

    • Bleeding
    • Infection
    • Scarring
    • Trouble breathing through the nose
    • Poor surgery results

Dr. Azizzadeh teaches patients of all ages about the benefits and risks of rhinoplasty surgery. He encourages patients to come forward with nose job concerns and questions.

Also, Dr. Azizzadeh only recommends a nose job if he believes the surgery can be safe and effective. In instances where Dr. Azizzadeh deems a nose job to be unsafe, he may recommend a non-surgical alternative.

2. How Will I Need to Prepare for a Nose Job?

A patient must undergo a physical evaluation to determine if he or she is healthy enough for a nose job. The evaluation should be performed at least a few weeks before the surgery is completed.

Along with a physical exam, a patient may be required to stop taking certain medications or supplements leading up to a nose job. A patient must provide a list of their current medications and supplements to their surgeon before treatment. A patient must stop smoking for at least a month before a nose job as well.

Dr. Azizzadeh provides extensive details to help his patients prepare for rhinoplasty surgery. He answers questions about surgery prep and ensures patients know what to expect in the days before treatment. As such, Dr. Azizzadeh verifies that his patients are in a great position to achieve the optimal rhinoplasty treatment results.

3. How Much Time Will I Need to Recover from a Nose Job?

It can take at least a few weeks to rebound from a nose job. A rhinoplasty patient can experience swelling around the nose in the initial days after surgery. This swelling usually disappears on its own. Meanwhile, a nose job patient may need to stay home from work or school for seven to days following treatment. He or she also should avoid jogging, yoga, and other strenuous activities for several weeks after surgery.

In total, it can take one to two years before the full results of a nose job become transparent. Dr. Azizzadeh offers postoperative care instructions to nose job patients to help them achieve these results as quickly as possible.

Dr. Azizzadeh requests follow-up appointments with patients after rhinoplasty surgery. He tracks their progress and ensures their nose looks great and functions properly. Dr. Azizzadeh remains accessible to provide tips and recommendations to help his patients streamline their nose job recovery, too.

4. How Can I Find the Right Surgeon for a Nose Job?

Working with a surgeon who possesses comprehensive rhinoplasty surgery expertise is paramount. This surgeon devotes their full attention to helping patients get a nose that looks proportional to their other facial features.

A qualified rhinoplasty surgeon can share natural-looking nose job before and after photos. The surgeon may publish these photos on their website or offer them to those interested in rhinoplasty surgery upon request. By viewing natural-looking nose job before and after photos, individuals can see how a surgeon previously helped rhinoplasty patients improve their facial appearance.

Dr. Azizzadeh can provide photos of past rhinoplasty patients. These photos give people a glimpse into what they can achieve during rhinoplasty surgery. They also can help people establish realistic rhinoplasty surgery expectations.

5. Is a Nose Job Right for Me?

To find out if a nose job can revitalize the facial appearance, meet with a surgeon. This allows an individual to receive an evaluation to determine if he or she is a good candidate for a rhinoplasty.

A nose job is not a “quick-fix” treatment. Rather, the procedure requires hard work and diligence from both a surgeon and their patient. The surgeon must craft a treatment plan that accounts for their patient’s nose and other facial features. He or she must also ensure the treatment won’t hinder their patient’s ability to breathe through the nose. For a patient, it is crucial to understand that nose job results are not instantaneous. This patient must be committed to the entire surgery process and do their part to make it a success.

Dr. Azizzadeh can help a patient decide if a nose job is the right choice. He won’t recommend a rhinoplasty unless the procedure can be performed safely and corresponds to his patient’s treatment goals. If Dr. Azizzadeh and his patient decide to move forward with a rhinoplasty, he performs the procedure with precision and care.

Dr. Azizzadeh Takes a Holistic Approach to Nose Surgery

To create the right nose for a patient’s face, Dr. Azizzadeh takes a detailed approach to nose surgery and examines every aspect of the face. He boasts in-depth knowledge of facial harmony and provides patients with the best possible approach to rhinoplasty.

Dr. Azizzadeh understands the eyes – not the nose – are the focal point of the face. When people look at the face, their focus naturally goes to the eyes. After a successful rhinoplasty, a natural-looking nose does not stand out. Instead, the surgery ensures the eyes are the key focus of the face.

During a consultation, Dr. Azizzadeh asks patients what it is about their nose they would like to improve, how long they have had these concerns, and what their expectations are for nose surgery. Next, he spends as much time as necessary learning about patients and their cosmetic objectives. He asks question and assesses several topics, including:

    • Age
    • Ethnicity
    • Frontal appearance of the nose
    • Nasal tip and base
    • Relationship between nose and lips

Dr. Azizzadeh also examines each rhinoplasty patient’s nose and facial features, including the lips and chin. He uses the Vectra 3D imaging system to take 3D photographs of the face and review the face from all angles. The Vectra system allows Dr. Azizzadeh to alter the appearance of the nose on a screen and use images to highlight the expected outcome of nose surgery.

How Dr. Azizzadeh Delivers Balanced Nose Job Results

The ultimate goal of rhinoplasty is to create a nose that fits the face, is appropriate and does not stand out. Dr. Azizzadeh helps patients understand all of their cosmetic options. He educates patients about the underlying causes of their cosmetic complaints and provides insights into how each treatment option will address those issues.

Dr. Azizzadeh prioritizes patient satisfaction. He constantly goes above and beyond the call of duty to support rhinoplasty patients. He is happy to work with patients to ensure their nose surgery goals are met. Plus, Dr. Azizzadeh leverages high-quality tools and equipment to provide patients with best-in-class support.

Learn More About Natural-Looking Nose Jobs

Dr. Azizzadeh can meet with a patient to discuss natural-looking nose jobs. For more information or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Azizzadeh, please contact us online or call us at 310-870-1055 to schedule a consultation.