COVID-19 and Elective Surgery Update Latest government announcement on elective surgery: What this means for you! | Cosmetic Journey

Following a national cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that restrictions on some elective surgery procedures will be lifted after the Anzac Day Long Weekend.

What does this mean for you?

On Tuesday 28th April 2020 a gradual return to elective surgery will commence with all category 2 and some category 3 procedures permitted at the discretion of treating surgeon.

Category 1 – Needing treatment within 30 days. It has the potential to deteriorate quickly to the point where the patient’s situation may become an emergency.

Category 2 – Needing treatment within 90 days. Their condition causes pain, dysfunction, or disability. Unlikely to deteriorate quickly and unlikely to become an emergency.

Category 3 –  All other surgery needing treatment at some point in the next year. Their condition causes pain, dysfunction, or disability. Unlikely to deteriorate quickly.

Who decides what category your procedure falls in?

Subject to the parameters outline above, the categorization of patients is done by the surgeon taking into account the individual circumstances of the patient, including the extent of pain and mobility loss as well as what impact of a delay in surgery is likely to have on the individuals work and education.

What are the approved category 3 procedures permitted?

Elective procedures which can proceed under the new directives include:

  • Breast reconstruction after cancer treatment
  • Breast implant removal for medical reasons such as rupture with pain

Additionally, dental restrictions have been lowered to level 2 allowing the following to be performed:

  • fitting and removal of braces and dentures
  • Non-high speed drill fillings
  • Basic fillings

All other cosmetic surgery procedures including breast augmentation, lift, reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction, and other revision breast surgery are currently not permitted.

When will all other elective surgery procedures resume?

The next cabinet meeting is scheduled for May 11 2020, with the government indicating that further elective surgery restrictions may be lifted.