Breast Augmentation Before and After Photos: What Should Denver Women Look For?

When it comes to researching breast augmentation surgery, many women begin by browsing breast augmentation before and after photos. Our Denver patients often appreciate looking at the pictures we show in our office and on our practice website. Examining the actual results shown in these photos can help you learn more about a particular surgeon’s skill and talent. They are also a good way to spot “warning signs” so you can steer clear of less skilled surgeons. 

But what exactly are the visible differences between “good” and “bad” breast augmentations, and how can you see those differences in before and after pictures? Here are 4 important details that can help guide you while you click through a doctor’s photo gallery. 

Good: A Natural Appearance

At its core, plastic surgery is about enhancing your natural beauty. You want your results to blend seamlessly with your other curves and contours. Breast enhancement is as much an art as a science, and your results shouldn’t make you look “worked on.” Instead, your breast implants should add youthful, feminine volume that complements your figure.

While some patients prefer a more dramatic look, many want their breasts to look naturally fuller. Look for before-and-after photos that enhance the breasts in a way that looks proportional to the rest of the body.

Bad: Breast Asymmetry

Our bodies are made of many sets of pairs—2 eyes, 2 arms, 2 legs. Because of this, our brains view balance as a sign of health and we naturally find symmetry beautiful. The breasts are no exception to this rule, which is why you want your breast augmentation results to be even and matching. If you ever looked at an “after” photo and thought, “something’s not quite right,” there is a strong chance you’re subconsciously picking up on a lack of symmetry. 

Our brains are more perceptive than you might expect, so pay attention to any nagging feelings you experience while browsing pictures. You want your plastic surgeon to create even, balanced proportions during breast augmentation.

Good: Minimal Scarring

Any procedure that utilizes incisions will involve a bit of scarring. However, just because scars are an unavoidable part of breast augmentation doesn’t mean they have to be noticeable. A skilled surgeon knows how to place incisions on inconspicuous areas of the body that can easily be hidden by a bra or bikini. Different techniques can also reduce the amount of scar tissue and keep your skin texture smooth.

Incisions can be placed in different locations depending on your doctor’s approach to breast augmentation. When doing research, talk with your doctor and see which location may be right for your aesthetic goals.

Bad: Signs of Poor Healing

Your plastic surgery journey isn’t over when you leave the operating room. One of the most crucial parts of creating beautiful results is safe, effective healing. You want to choose a doctor who has a clean, well-maintained operating room that lowers the risk of side effects. Health complications can create unflattering results, such as bumpy scars or irritated skin. 

A board-certified plastic surgeon will always follow proper safety precautions while you’re under their care. Avoid any doctor who has pictures of poorly healed patients—your health and safety should never be compromised. 

You can feel more prepared when heading into surgery by knowing what to look for in breast augmentation before and after photos. If you’re in the Denver area and would like to learn more about breast enhancement, request a consultation online or call (303) 951-2100 (Denver) or (303) 278-2600 (Golden).