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When you’re on the hunt for new health and wellness products to try out, do you ever look out for ones that contain silver as an ingredient? OK, so I’ll be the first to confess, that I literally had no clue that silver was even an ingredient and I don’t think I’m alone in this. Which makes me think that in answer to my original question, that no, no you probably don’t look out for products containing silver.

Ameo Life specialize in natural products that contain silver as their primary ingredient and they have sent me a few different items from their range to open my eyes up to some of the benefits of including silver in our wellness regimes. So, let’s take a closer look…

Why Silver?

My only knowledge of silver being used in products is plasters. I remember being advised to use silver plasters when I burnt my hand on some boiling lemon curd a few years back. I looked into it briefly at the time, and discovered it had something to do with silver having incredible antibacterial properties, therefore helping wounds stay clean and clear of infection whilst also promoting rapid healing. But that’s it. That is literally as far as my knowledge and experience extended.

So, I wanted to find out a bit more about silver, to see what else it has to offer, before showing you all some of the Ameo Life natural silver products.

Silver has had a bit of a bad rap over the years and this is for the most part to do with it not being manufactured and handled in the right way. Too much silver isn’t good for us, in fact it can be very harmful, so it is of the utmost importance that we know the products we choose are safe for use. Ameo Life have been leading the silver health industry for a number of years now and one of the main reasons for this is because of their reputable manufacturing processes.

OK, so here comes the science bit….

Silver is by its very nature insoluble in water, which makes it a fairly tricky substance to use, as I’m sure you can imagine. And this is the problem, because people and companies that don’t 100% know how to handle this element, end up trying to combine it with other substances in a way that it’s not particularly happy with. This results in the silver separating from the rest of the product, and in fact you can tell if you have a substandard silver product when you can see the silver in it, or if you have to shake the product before use. What Ameo Life do instead is to produce a silver that is able to structurally bond itself to water molecules, meaning it cannot separate. What this means is that the body doesn’t store the silver, as it absorbs and processes it along with the rest of the product, thus avoiding build up. Which over time could potentially be damaging. So, in layman’s terms, the body takes from it what it needs (i.e. the good, beneficial stuff) and then discards the stuff it doesn’t (via the usual exit path).

Our bodies don’t actually need silver as such; it doesn’t form part of our bodily make up, although it is likely we all contain trace elements of it through inhalation of the air we breathe and the water we drink, however that doesn’t mean we can’t benefit from the properties of this powerful metallic element. One of which is its ability to fight against bad bacteria and yeast.

Now that we know a little bit more about silver, let’s take a look at the natural silver products that Ameo Life have sent me:

Ameo Life Silver Lozenges

The Ameo Life silver infused honey and lemon lozenges are perfect for this transitional time of year. The end of Summer sees grass and harvested field dust floating around in the air, sending our hayfever symptoms into a frenzy. And the imminent arrival of Autumn, often brings an influx of colds and other illnesses. Our poor throats are suffering!

And whilst a pack of lozenges clearly won’t cure a cold, they will at least help to soothe and offer relief from sore throats and tickly coughs. These lozenges combine honey and lemon, I mean come on it’s a classic combo right. And yes of course you could argue that a hot mug of lemon and honey tea would surely work just as well, but popping a lozenge in every couple of hours is way more convenient, and these come with the added benefit of silver in its ingredients list.

The pack contains 20 individually wrapped lozenges, and each lozenge contains:

  • Organic honey
  • Natural lemon essential oil
  • Organic cane sugar
  • Organic brown rice syrup
  • 1 teaspoon of pH balanced Alkaline Structured Silver

As you can see, there are no artificial sweeteners, colours or flavourings in these, unlike a lot of other throat lozenges. And the addition of the silver helps to support oral care.

Ameo Life Silver Soap

I love a good bar of natural soap and these two from Ameo Life are giving me all the feels. The Lemongrass Silver Soap instantly transports you to a tropical spa somewhere in Thailand, with its vibrant and luxurious lemongrass scent – honestly I could sit and sniff it all day it is that nice. And then there’s the Oatmeal Spice Silver Soap which is basically Christmas in soap form – it is lush!

Both soaps only contain natural and organic ingredients, there’s no fillers, toxins or other nasties in there, just lovely nourishing natural ingredients. We all know that when it comes to skincare, natural is always best, and these are just about as natural as you can get. Take a look for yourselves:

  • Lemongrass Soap – Coconut oil, Lemongrass, Patchouli, Rosemary, Lime, Sage, Bergamot, Annatto seed, and 30 ppm Silver Hydrosol Silver.
  • Oatmeal Spice Soap – Coconut oil, Oats, Clove bud, Cassia, Rosemary, and 30 ppm Silver Hydrosol Silver.

Because these bars of soap are paraben free it means they are suitable for use on all skin types. The Oatmeal Spice soap has more of an exfoliating feel to it, because of the addition of the oats, but it is very gentle and great at removing any dead skin, allowing the healthy skin underneath to shine through. The Lemongrass soap on the other hand has more of a creamy, smooth texture to it and leaves a gorgeous subtle scent on your skin that will keep you smelling good all day.

So, what’s the silver bringing to the table then? Well, silver not only has fantastic antibacterial properties, which is obviously fundamentally important in something that’s meant to keep you clean, but it is also alkaline based, which helps to balance out the skin and maintain healthy pH levels. And aside from all the beauty benefits, they look pretty gorgeous in the bathroom too.

Ameo Life Silver Solution

Out of all the products, I’m gonna be honest, this one mystified me the most, because I just wasn’t overly sure what it was. The others were simple, oh right yeah that’s some soap, those are throat lozenges, that’s a gel, but this solution I was a bit like…. what’s its point? To help me out, I hopped onto their website to get more of an understanding, and basically the Ameo Life pH balanced Alkaline Silver Solution is a supplement. It should be taken twice daily, 2 teaspoons worth, and its point being that it is a great immune booster, a gut cleanser, and a healthy digestive system supporter.

The human body functions at its best when it is in an alkaline state. However, what with today’s modern diet and other environmental factors our bodies have become a lot more acidic. And a more acidic body is an absolute breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, which of course increases the likelihood of infection. When your body is in an alkaline state, your chances of getting ill decreases and so this silver solution can help with that.

Ameo Life pH balanced structured silver solution will not metabolize or build up in the body, like some other formulas do, and this is because of the innovative way in which Ameo manufacture their silver products. Plus, it is the first type of silver that is pH balanced to an Alkalinity level of 7.4 or higher, making it super strong and effective.

Ameo Life Silver Gel

Great for soothing burns, grazes, minor cuts, insect bites, and other skin problems, the Ameo Life Extra Strength Silver Gel should be a household staple in my opinion. Just like the soaps, it has been formulated to work in harmony with the pH balance of our skin, in fact it is the only silver gel that claims to do so. The gel is suitable for all skin types, as it is super gentle, scent free, and doesn’t have that horrible burny stinging sensation that some healing gels can have. In fact, this gel is so gentle that it can even be applied to the more *aherm* sensitive areas of the body, making it great to use for the relief from itchy, stingy yeast infections. You can also use this gel on acne, to relieve chafing, and is great for treating nappy rash.

So, how does it work? Well, as we now all know, silver is good at fighting bacteria, and when this gel is applied to the skin it works its way down into our pores beating up all the bad bacteria on its way. It gives you a good clean out if you like. Which while we’re talking about clean outs, this is also super effective at removing make up, and even as a make up primer. It is such a versatile product!

The gel itself is infused with 35 ppm of pH balanced silver and contains no formaldehydes, parfum, triethanolamine, coal tar dyes or siloxins – all the stuff that will dry out your skin. There’s no greasiness, its fast-absorbing, which I love because I am so over products that are sticky and take forever to rub in (yes, hand sanitizers I’m talking to you!), oh and it won’t stain your clothes either, another huge bonus.

As I said, a super household staple, with many uses to help with lots of different health and wellness concerns.

Hopefully this has educated you a little in what is for some reason historically a bit of a controversial topic. Silver products do have their place, but only when they come from reputable companies who know what they’re doing. Ameo Life focus very much on creating natural products that support the body, while steering away from the use of toxins and parabens that serve no value to us at all.

If you’ve found this article interesting and you’re intrigued to learn more you can discover the full range of silver products by heading to the Ameo Life website.

*products gifted for review

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