7 Tips For Picking Out The Perfect Engagement Ring

Even though the thought of buying the perfect engagement ring can be as intimidating as popping the big question, you don’t have to lose sleep over it.

Before starting your quest to find the ideal ring, there are a few things you have to bear in mind.

1. Consider Her Style

Go through your partner’s jewellery to get an insight into their taste — does she prefer modern or vintage designs?

Her clothing style can also give you a clue on the type of ring she’d fancy. For instance, if she likes vintage clothes, you can pick an ornate halo ring or a platinum bevelled ring if she has a sharp, sleek style.

You can also engage her family and friends to help you determine which type of ring your fiance would like.

2. Choose The Metal

You have to determine which metal the ring will be fashioned out of. For a long time, engagement and wedding rings were all yellow gold; however, the market eventually started opening up as people became bolder. Nowadays, it isn’t unusual to see people with green or red diamond rings. Nevertheless, as the whole line of Apple products will tell you, the rose gold shade is trendy among women globally.

Therefore, when ring shopping, don’t disregard the potential beauty of rose gold. But, remember your wedding and engagement ring should match, so you need to select the same metal. Don’t go too crazy with your metal selection — ensure you choose one that goes with your wedding band.

Bear in mind that some metals scratch more quickly than others. Therefore, picking a more robust metal might be good if your fiance is very active.

3. Decide On The Shape

Before going ring shopping, you have to settle on the shape of the diamond. There are various shapes available, from heart-shaped rings to oval diamond rings. The shape is a matter of preference; some people prefer classic round diamond looks while others prefer more distinct shapes like pear-shaped diamond rings.

If the size of the ring matters, go for shapes that appear larger such as emerald or marquise cut rings. These designs showcase size better compared to other diamonds with similar carat weight.

4. Know The Diamond Basics

Having a firm grasp of the four Cs — carat, cut, colour and clarity — will assist you in making an educated decision when going ring shopping. The beauty and quality of every diamond can vary significantly.

Here’s a comprehensive guide for each of the four C’s:

  • Cut – Only select a perfectly cut diamond to guarantee that your stone offers the most fire and brilliance — the cut is what determines a diamond’s beauty
  • Clarity – A VS2 or VS1 clarity gives the best value for what the human eye can see. Blemishes and inclusions aren’t noticeable at these grades
  • Colour – Go for diamonds that are almost colourless (fall in the G-I range) — to the naked eye, it’ll seem like a colourless diamond that falls within the D-F range — however, it’ll be less costly
  • Carat – Since sparkle and beauty matter most, focus on buying a nicely cut diamond instead of a specific weight carat.

5. Try To Be Different

It’s not a must that you buy a premade setting or freshly mined diamond. Even with options such as custom settings or reused diamonds, you can still end up with a genuinely unique ring.

Reusable diamonds are previously owned environmental friendly diamonds that have been placed back in the diamond supply chain. They could be European cuts or modern stones.

6. Have The Correct Ring Measurement

Nothing would kill the mood during your proposal than the ring slipping off when fitting it onto your fiance’s hand. This isn’t an issue if you select the ring as a couple. However, if you want to surprise your partner, you should ask a close friend to sneak out a ring from your fiance’s jewellery box at some point.

You can then get the size by wrapping a string against the ring and tying a knot to denote the measurements. Carry along the loop when you shop for an engagement ring, and you’ll be able to find the correct ring size.

Rings typically require some adjustments. However, you want the ring to be close enough to the correct size so that your significant other can start wearing it immediately.

7. The Budget

Lastly, engagement rings can be pretty pricey — spending double or triple your budget on the perfect engagement ring isn’t a myth.

There are rings available for every budget. Therefore, before you go ring shopping, determine your maximum budget and limit yourself to it as you shop for an engagement ring.

Treating an engagement ring as an heirloom will make it all the more meaningful. Provided you select a ring that lasts a lifetime, you’ll be good to go.

Bottom Line

Shopping for an engagement ring shouldn’t be stressful. By keeping in mind the tips above, you’ll be able to shop for a ring knowing what you’re looking for without the common pitfalls most people experience.