6 Tips To Keep The Motivation Going When Working Out

You are determined, you want to change, you want to start your fitness journey, and want to see results. You join the gym in your city and start eating healthier. Your first week goes great, the second week you decide to go to the gym only three days a week instead of five, and the third week you find yourself enjoying Netflix with a bag of Doritos and a can of coke.

Let’s not fool ourselves, it’s not easy to build new habits. The initial motivation of wanting a change helps to start with new habits but that motivation doesn’t last long and if we don’t work on keeping it, it will go away in a few weeks or even days.

Today, I will share 6 tips to stay motivated when working out so you can achieve your fitness goals:

1. Set Goals

It’s easy to give up when you don’t have a specific goal. Therefore it’s very important to write down your fitness goals before joining the gym or starting workouts programmes. You might find it helpful to follow the SMART technique when setting goals.

  • Specific – Your goals need to be specific.
  • Measurable – Quantifying your goals will make it easier to accomplish them eg: lose 3 kg, reach 60kg, fit in my 38 size jeans, etc.
  • Achievable – Don’t set unrealistic goals, that would make you give up easily.
  • Relevant – Why are you setting the goal that you’re setting? Make sure your goals will help you to achieve what you want to achieve.
  • Time-bound – When do you want to achieve your goal? Make sure your goals have a start and an end.

2. Group Training

Training with people who have the same goal as you can help you to keep motivated in your fitness journey. Besides, working out with other people not only can help you keep motivated but also encourages social relationships that can build great experiences.

3. Change Your Workout Routine

Many people think that in order to get fit they need to do the same workout programmes that experts do. The truth is that these programmes are difficult to follow and, therefore, very easy to give up.

There are many easy workout routines that can help work every muscle and help you achieve your fitness goals.

4. Get Everything Ready Before Going To Bed

The less you have to do in the morning before you go to the gym the faster you will leave your house, so you won’t have time to think that you have to work out. When we overthink an activity, we tend to procrastinate because it’s a lot for our brains to handle.

5. Extra Energy

Sometimes we need extra energy to determine that we need to train. It doesn’t need to be a full meal. A piece of fruit, nuts or a protein bar will be enough to help you perform better when working out.

6. Find A Local Personal Trainer

Perhaps you’ve already tried the things we’ve mentioned but still have problems with motivation.

It would be a good idea to think about finding a personal trainer in your city. Personal trainers are very helpful for many people not only because they encourage you to keep going but they also deliver guidance and make sure you’re doing the exercise correctly.

Keeping the motivation going is difficult and if you don’t have a plan you can easily give up. Now that you know a few tips to stay motivated don’t let anything stop you from achieving your fitness goals.

You may need to make some changes or perhaps step out of your comfort zone but, at the end of the day, you will see positive results in your life when building healthy habits.